Free Quote

Depending on the specific project, translator Aivis Svirskis can offer you a free quote within a few hours when contacted by e-mail aivis@aivis.co.uk during business hours. In order to provide a price quote, the following information is needed: a document/ file (documents/ files) to be translated, a type of translation (regular or technical translation, translation certified by the translator or a Notary Public/ Solicitor, deadline if any).

Aivis Svirskis provides translations in the following language pairs: Latvian to English, English to Latvian, Russian to Latvian, Latvian to Russian, Russian to English, and English to Russian. All translations are proofread, ensuring accuracy, consistency, appropriate formatting and overall quality of the final product.

In order to verify the quality of the service, translator Aivis Svirskis also provides free test translations. To use this free service please submit a maximum of 150 words. Please be aware that passages longer than 150 words will be considered as a translation and a charge will apply.

Feel free to send your translation project for a free price quote to aivis@aivis.co.uk. If you would like to post your document to Aivis Svirskis, then please e-mail him to request his postal address in London, UK.

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