Notarised Translations

The level of certification depends upon how the translation is to be used and to whom it is to be submitted. The translation can be simply certified by the translator (see Certified Translations), sworn in front of a person of legal standing (usually a Solicitor) or notarised (by a Notary Public), and legalised (Apostilled) at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Translator Aivis Svirskis provides all these levels of certifications for all types of document translations.

In Britain a Notary Public is a qualified lawyer, who specifically deals with the authentication of documents for use abroad. Please check with the recipient of the translation as to what level of certification is required as notarisation is expensive.

Documents sent for certified (notarised) translations can be submitted as .pdf or image files, sending them to the translator's e-mail address, you can also request the translator's postal address to post the original document to be presented to the Notary Public (Solicitor) for verification and certification (notarisation).

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