The translation of complex or poorly drafted documents can be very time consuming so be sure to plan your project with translation in mind. For long and complex projects consult as soon as possible, on formats, style, etc., which will ease the final translation.

Do remember that trying to proof read and correct a poorly translated document can be more challenging and time consuming than an original translation.

The translation rates start from £9.50 per 250 words. Technical translations are charged starting from £12.50 per 250 words. Certified translations are charged at £9.50 for every translation certified (additional postage will be charged if the certified translation is returned by courier in the UK, or if there is no A4-sized pre-paid envelope included). Legalisation of a notarised translation cost £50 per document, including the FCO fee of £30 + postage (£4.50 in the UK).

Interpretation services cost starting from £25 per hour and are subject to the translator's availability.

For a no obligation free quote, please contact by e-mail: aivis@aivis.co.uk.

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